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Who am I?
The relation of this page is to let you see that I love to create visuals. For me creativity has always been my outlet as a subconscious way to communicate my feelings. I have been working with my hands, since I was old enough to hold a pencil. What it started with drawing has grown to more ways to expose my creativity, such as soapstone, scrapbooking, ceramics and poems. It is one of the most important parts of my life, telling my story through my creations. These reasons combined let me to studying design, after an exchange year in the United States let me to do the course in English. I want to keep developing in design, a way to communicate the message.

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Illustrator // In Design // Photoshop // CSS // HTML // Word // Excel // Powerpoint // Eager Learner // Creative Thinker // Team Player // Drawing // Painting